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Our Approach at IAS Vision in kolkata

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We at IAS Vision in kolkata believe that Preparing for civil services is entirely different from the nature of preparation one needs while preparing for academic type exams. The difference is twofold . Firstly the expanse of the syllabus and the enormity of depth to which one must reach and secondly, the nature of questioning at the exam makes it necessary for students to comprehend as early as possible that a more analytical as against memory based approach is needed . Years of practice i.e. preparing notes and reproducing them at exam has no utility & relevance. It is a race against time , years need to be traversed in months , scientific temper needs to be developed , all this needs one to imbibe, comprehend, and collect plethora of information and understand it in a manner so as to be able to use the same to arrive at logical and and harmonious conclusions.

IAS Vision in kolkata has done all the homework for you. Nothing foreign is brought in and nothing relevant is left out. The methodology of teaching focuses on taking a student through the relevant topics of study and at the same time working tirelessly at developing the writing skills. Students are required to submit assignments on completion of every chapter. Doubt clearing sessions are conducted at regular intervals .

Exam demands clarity in concepts and ability to comprehend complex arguments and IAS Vision in kolkata strives to achieve the same day in and day out through writing practice, test series, etc. Last but not least we believe students should not expect short cuts because the same do not exist.

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law of the land prohibits us from disclosing the names of stakeholders as ,they are in job people.
Whether it is study materials, test series or teaching style, all are unique in their presentation and function.

publishing images of successful students and teachers is not what we are about. we value ourselves in quality and we advice everyone to judge the same, by the quality our content either online or by visiting the institute.


Ankit Sharma

Founder & CEO

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nikhil saxena

Course Director

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  1. If institute is not providing support for repeat attempt (next year).
  2. If an independent test series is not part of the programme.
  3. If adequate library support is not available.
  4. if revision classes are not part of programme.