Best Civil Service Study Materials

Best civil service study materials

Know these things before you begin,

1.     Whether to take a coaching or go for self-preparation with support of IAS STANDARD BOOKS?

SELF STUDY OR THE COACHING CLASSES  DEBATE                                   


If you have enough time and are determined enough, then best civil service study materials & self-study can work. Remember self-study is not a choice but a compulsion and an essential component of all coaching classes as they can’t be successful without an element of self-study.

  • The best part of the self-study is the leisurely pace, comfortable environment and time or place of your choice.
  • One of the major benefits is the cost-effective factor.
  • Going to classes might eats away a lot energy and also causes you to waste your time. Self study saves precious time.
  • large coaching classes do not go for debates and discussions, and you will need to cover certain areas of your syllabus.
  • Successful self-study may give you an incredible amount of confidence to deal with surprise elements in exams.
  • You will have more time to devote on the internet.
  • Self-study does not involve pressure and stress & allows for slow build-up.
  • Coaching classes can make everything so competitive and decrease your confidence.
  • Coaching centres sometimes lack direction & not all teachers are of required standard.


Lest you forget

staying focussed for long periods while studying alone is easier said than done. Self-study is a time-consuming process, and a lot of R&D is involved in it to succeed. It needs a lot of discipline and planning. Also, coaching classes provide in-depth study material and a list of trends and projections. You will not have access to such things while studying alone and will require to enrol for online classes or test series. So, if you are willing to overcome these factors, listen to my advice and don’t think about studying on your own.

COACHING CLASSES & best civil service study materials

Coaching classes reduce time and effort, reduces the chances of losing direction but can create intensive pressure

  • Biggest advantage of coaching centres lies in the interaction with an enormous group of people, which can give you an edge in a fiercely competitive environment.
  • Think about the proper revisions and practice you’ll be getting, which creates a solid foundation for examinations.
  • Coaching classes keep you abreast of the critical syllabus changes or crucial information that can turn out to be the difference between success and failure.
  • the classes are time-bound and provide focus on conceptual clarity along with ample study material.
  • coaching classes can provide platform and can push you to stretch your limits & achieve your best.
  • Coaching classes give you a readymade plan. You don’t need to plan your studies as everything is taken care of. All you have to do is concentrate and study.

Lest you forget

Coaching classes always have a “one-size-fits-all” strategy and don’t have the time to individually teach each student. Remember:  It is you who has to put in effort to cover the last mile.



2.   Whose advice is perfect?

Sometimes in your period of study and preparation, you will need advice and then a question crosses your mind – whom to believe.

  • UPSC does not have separate lines of communication and no institute or coaching centre knows better.
  • You will be under pressure to accept advice of one institution over other based on past success, but always remember most of the success stories are half true.
  • Develop a trial and error approach and avail test series and study materials from more than one coaching centre and finally the study of the standard texts – which is a must do.



3.   How & when to start answer writing practice?

Answer writing is a big determinant, when it comes to eventual success and failure, common errors that are part of many people are sentence construction, spelling errors, lack of forcefulness in arguments -which at times is a factor of weak vocabulary. Above problems cannot be resolved in a short span of time and it will be in the fitness of things if aspirants start preparation simultaneously with prelims.

Analysing sample answers, collecting relevant information, going through diverse opinions into coherent conclusions is a painstakingly slow process, earlier one starts the better.



4.   How to choose the best civil service study materials?

Study materials are critical determinants of your success actively or passively.

  • If you seect the best civil service study materials, which are succinct, they reduce your time in grasping the fundamentals.
  • If study materials are lengthy and too exhaustive and wayward, then they can affect you in terms of focus, energy and motivation and eventually success.
  • Always remember that in the last 3 years, rarely any coaching centre has been able to provide 60 common questions in prelims.
  • Try to buy study materials from coaching centres which are into classroom coaching & test series preparation on a large scale



5.    Do not read or believe in the success stories of successful students

No topper in UPSC civil service exam in the last few years was sure of his success till the result was out, this can be proved by the fact that every topper had submitted their application form for the ensuing exam. What conclusions can be safely drawn from this,

  • What every successful student says after achieving success is always an afterthought.
  • Strategy that succeeded for one may not succeed for other.
  • Every individual is different.



6.   Interview preparation from the outset

  • Beyond the few basic etiquettes, you cannot prepare for the interview.
  • Preparation for interview starts the day you are born.
  • Knowledge and information aid confidence and that will definitely improve your personality.
  • A gentle reminder – there are no short cuts in life and definitely not in CIVIL SERVICE EXAM.
  • If there are some loose ends in your life prepare to answer and accept rather than trying to avoid.


7.    Integrated approach is the best

It is highly casual to start preparing for mains much after your prelims preparation, it is because the depth of questions in prelims is such that the skills needed are same as mains. Start wider mains oriented reading of best civil service study materials simultaneously with prelims. Simultaneous preparation leads to following benefits,

  • Helps in developing context to create linkages helping in better recollection.
  • Develops ability to link past events with present happenings.
  • Word selection so essential in mains answer writing is developed.

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