Civil service mains Test Series 2018

Civil service mains Test Series 2018


Our civil service Mains Test Series has produced encouraging results in the preceding years. As always we are coming up with a civil service mains test series test series for Mains that would include the General Studies and Essay Papers for IAS MAINS - 2018.

important features of offline Mains test series are,

  1. complete EVALUATIONby a well-trained and qualified team.
  2. in addition there will be personal feedback for those who need the same.

Salient Features of our civil service Mains Test Series 2018:

  1. There will be Total of 20 tests:

Details -  Full Length GS + Full Length Essay Tests.

  1. More emphasis on Full Length Tests to provide intensive practice where a candidate can improve both speed and quality of his/her answers
  2. Question & Answer Booklets (Only English medium).
  3. Personalised feedback on writing ability and improvement.
  4. Discussion of Tests wherever required
  5. Special discussion on answer presenting & writing techniques.
  6. Evaluation of copies within 7 Days of submission.
  7. All Tests will be conducted under strict exam like conditions.
  8. punctuality will be strictly applied  latecomers will not be entertained.
  9.  we will provide tests in the evening & mornings. )

Likely improvement =

  1. Tests will definitely help aspirants to improve their writing speed.
  2. Enhance the quality of content through better recollection.
  3. will provide better understanding of the time management thereby helping candidates to answer all questions within the stipulated time.

There will be appointment system to avail personal feedback from mentors.


  • Total Fees for this Test Series is Rs 15000/

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