The best Test Series Programme

for civil service preliminary is designed to keep aspirants ahead in the learning curve & be pattern proof so as not to be out -foxed and out-thought by UPSC in its ever-changing trends and focus.

Uniqueness of test series

*  Test series faculty do not teach & therefore provide for an independent back up check on classroom curriculum.

*  Difficulty level of actual exam is developed in terms of depth

*  Analysis of answer sheets in accordance with the difficulty level of particular questions on a scale of 3.

* Test series include both formats i.e. subject level tests & mixed and shifting emphasis tests.


Exams recreated ( exact to the pattern tests but difficulty level increases as exam nears) TESTS ( online & offline):

·          All the tests can be postponed not preponed

·          Centre Tests will be conducted at fixed timings only (as in the test schedule).

·          online tests cannot be copied for future reference 7 need to be collected from centres later.

TEST yourself 1.       LEVEL 1 Tests: Questions in these tests will check the basic understanding of the students as taught in class.

2.       LEVEL 2 Tests: Questions in these tests will be of difficulty level as laid out in assignments.

3.       Advanced level – Full Length Tests: Tests will be exact to the pattern of exam, at times testing candidates in changing emphasis, widening the horizon of their cross disciplinary understanding of subjects.

Balance intensive and extensive studies         The syllabus of the UPSC exam is not exhaustive in character & leaves scope for misinterpretation in depth and extent.

Certain small areas should be dealt with intensively & in depth.

Areas to be read extensively but not in depth only should be planned

Balance risk with accuracy & device proper strategy .

Forward and backward linkages         UPSC civil service exam sets questions having  logic and having forward and backward linkages.

The current issues under discussion and at the forefront of political, economic and scientific & technological advancements form the core of their questions..


Total 35 Tests in GS & CSAT – 10 (subject based tests) + 15 Full Length Tests + 5 CSAT tests

Medium of Instruction Available in English only
Programme Fee

( 30 tests)

1.       INR 10,000 for new students (starting 1st week of October)
Programme Fee


– INR 7,500 for new students (starting 1st week of October)