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Since its inception in 2005, IAS Vision family has endeavoured to provide the accurate picture of the civil services as it has stood through every phase of change. At IAS vision, PREPARATION is about focus, it is more important to know “what not to read” than “what to read” , it is about exquisite writing skills . If you are misguided you can find yourself surrounded by unwieldly IAS STUDY MATERIAL , that may disturb you in terms of time, resources, motivation, focus and self doubt. IAS VISION’S new IAS COACHING CENTRE hopes to address major concerns of IAS ASPIRANTS regarding CIVIL SERVICE COACHING. Our IAS STUDY MATERIALS are preferred source of reference material for students ,teachers and researchers alike. It is no surprise that no change in exam pattern surprises us and IAS  VISION COACHING CENTRES across india choose us as preferred IAS STUDY MATERIAL, & IAS TEST SERIES suppliers. Changing focus by UPSC IN CIVIL SERVICES EXAM had makes it a bit tricky, the whole exercise can push people into a dilemma but with our IAS VISIONS updated TEST SERIES 2019 and IAS PRELIMINARY COACHING & IAS MAINS COACHING  be assured to navigate the hurdle successfully. Since the level of difficulty is expected to be higher, we are ready with the appropriate solutions.

Every year since 2016 we have delivered 60+ questions common to our aspirants, in every PRELIMS. For most students and teaching fraternity, our - study materials for civil service coaching - serve as sheet anchor on which to base their entire preparation.

CIVIL SERVICE EXAM PREPARATION is not ENTIRELY about knowledge, neither about right ias study materials for general studies and optionals because these are available to anyone & everyone willing to search, it is the ability to cogently and coherently comprehend, understand and eventually present that counts and is rewarded. Sadly, due to lack of measurable parameters institutes give it no importance and most of the classroom programmes are ill-designed to be able to address the necessities of the exam that demands uncompromising standards of performance every year.

Careful understanding of the trends, strategising them perfectly to balance time with accuracy and thorough understanding of facts and figures in a manner, which makes them difficult to forget are key ingredients of IAS VISIONS successful programme for IAS COACHING.



IAS vision is a forum of academics ,educators and pioneers who have been change agents in shaping and directing change in preparing for exams conducted by public bodies . we directly and indirectly partner institutions in providing key material support, analyzing the changing trends ,helping adapt to change as seamlessly as possible. OUR years of involvement in teaching and developing relevant study materials and providing key inputs has made us most flexible and sensitive in comprehending changes over a period that extends through the last two decades. Integrating technology , developing relevant study material when needed and publishing low cost publications are some pioneering firsts ,we have been involved with .
successfully bridging the gap in standards in education imparted across geographies guides us in what we do and what aspire to achieve.

 Our Vision

Civil services exam tests the analytical and comprehending skills of a candidate. Exam is unique in testing the candidates ability to comprehend and analyse plethora of information and arriving at logical conclusions and judgements . It is not merely about endless data and information but about why that happens.

Institutions , simply confuse students by delivering notes etc but avoid discussing and putting emphasis on the most important ingredient i.e. writing skill.
Exam is a sum of parts and there is no particular formulae of success,

Our Approach

We believe Preparing for civil services is entirely different from the nature of preparation one needs while preparing for academic type exams. The difference is twofold . firstly the expanse of the syllabus and the enormity of depth to which one must reach and secondly, the nature of questioning at the exam makes it necessary for students to comprehend as early as possible that a more analytical as against rote approach is needed . Years spent at preparing notes and reproducing them at exam has no relevance . It is a race against time , years need to be traversed in months , scientific temper needs to be developed , all this needs one to imbibe ,comprehend , and collect plethora of information and understand it in a manner so as to be able to use the same to arrive at logical and and harmonious conclusions .

We have done all the homework for you. Nothing foreign is brought in and nothing relevant is left out .The methodology of teaching focuses on taking a student through the relevant topics of study and at the same time working tirelessly at developing the writing skills . students are required to submit assignments on completion of every chapter. Doubt clearing sessions are conducted at regular intervals .

Exam demands clarity in concepts and ability to imbibe complex arguments and we strive to achieve the same day in and day out. Last but not least we believe students should not expect short cuts because the same do not exist.

vinod gupta

Vice President

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