classroom coaching is important

most of the times class gives a proper insight about exam but candidates have little prior preparation to understand discussion.

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80% candidates wish

they had taken prior preparation before taking admission to coaching classes.

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most coaching institutes do not provide revision classes

because they do not have teachers good enough to handle students at advanced levels

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we have done all the homework:

  1. At IAS VISION, We provide classes strictly in the nature of discussion where students will have the option to not only listen but be part of discussions.
  2. DROP OUT OR DROP IN -- we do not believe in one size fits all solution, students who cannot keep pace with classes can reduce the speed of classes and start from the same place in the next batch.
  3. immediate next attempt is free -- absolutely free next attempt gives you option to repeat all classes without any fee and conditions.
  4. TEST SERIES - free for immediately succeeding attempt.




CANDIDATES who produce proof of previous admission at any institute in kolkata will get this facility at half the price