IAS Coaching In Kolkata

ias coaching in kolkata

UPSC civil service coaching

IAS coaching at  IAS Vision, comprises of  two programmes commencing at different times of the year keeping in view the fact that at least one year is needed to prepare for the exam in its entirety, know more
1. Weekday Programme ( Ias coaching)  IAS coaching in kolkata will comprise of classes running through the week i.e. (Monday to Friday - normally 4 days a week)  &  starts every month. associated features of the programme are enlisted below:

A. 10 months of rigorous classroom programme

B. 7 modules covering all aspects & subjects of upsc civil service

C. Current Affairs Modules along with GK Supplements

D. Doubt clearing sessions - 2 years

E. 60 mocks/ year

F. Admissions start in February of the previous year.


2. Weekend  Programme( ias coaching in kolkata ) Classes are held only on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) and a fresh group starts  every month, features of the programme are as follows:

A. 12 months of rigorous classroom programme.

B. 7 modules covering all relevant sections of exam.

C. Current Affairs Modules along with GK Supplements.

D. Doubt clearing sessions - 2 years.

E. 60 mocks / per year.

CIVIL SERVICE COACHING in Kolkata Fees = ₹ 100,000

3. Undergraduate Foundation Programme ( 3 YEARS)  Undergraduates can Enrol for the programme in either weekend or weekday mode & will be provided support up to one year after the completion of the  graduation    CIVIL SERVICE COACHING in Kolkata Fees = ₹ 150,000
     Note 1 Every Ias coaching programme will  run as per schedule and no change will be allowed within a module after start of the same.
     Note  2 Flexibility in terms of spacing  of mock tests and  request for doubt clearing sessions will entirely be at  IAS Visions  discretion .
IAS COACHING in kolkata DETAILS and the areas to be covered in each batch  are  as follows: 
           1) During the period the candidates will be spending around 6 hours every day in the institute. The time period would be utilized for compulsory paper  i.e (General Studies for Preliminary & Mains and the Essay) & the tests ( surprise tests, preparatory tests, assignments, after class tests exact to the pattern mock tests etc).
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          2) Through  this period, the candidates would be supported to gain a sharper, wider & deeper perception of the areas of extreme relevance along with practice in writing answers for Main Exam while MCQ tests will be held for CSAT Exam.
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          3) The object of the IAS COACHING in kolkata is to impart a clear  view of the syllabus in all  subjects. Generally, select  topics would be covered in case of optional subjects  to impart a clear understanding of the fundamentals involved. The candidates would be expected to cover certain areas of study on their own as per some general instructions given to them with regard to such areas.
       CIVIL SERVICE COACHING in kolkata
    C - Interview Guidance
The Kothari Committee CONSTITUTED BY UPSC, in its report, had listed the qualities that should be rated in the interview as,

1."clarity of expression,

2. grasp of narrative & argument,

3. reasoning ability, appreciation of different points of view,

4. awareness and concern for socio-economic problems, range and depth of interests and personal attributes relevant to interaction with people".The Interview  is laid out to be such as to be able to comprehensively arrive at a conclusive judgement  with regards to the suitability of a candidate in terms of his administrative potential and analytical bent of mind  . interview Board  does not  focus on a cross examination  rather, it tries to evaluate communication skills, clarity of thought.
Our idea is simply to instill a sense of extra belief  in what a  candidate believes in by encouraging him to be himself.


IAS VISION - The Best ias coaching Coaching in kolkata

 Endless classes, test series, doubt clearing – you will never prepare alone

Since its inception in 2005, IAS Vision family has endeavoured to provide the accurate picture of the civil services as it has stood through in every phase of change. IAS PREPARATION is about focus & disciplined study, it is more important to know “what not to read” than “what to read”, it is about exquisite writing skills. If you are misguided you can find yourself surrounded by unwieldly IAS STUDY MATERIAL, that may harm you in terms of time, resources, motivation, focus and self doubt. IAS VISION’S new IAS COACHING hopes to address major concerns of IAS ASPIRANTS regarding CIVIL SERVICE COACHING. Our IAS STUDY MATERIALS are preferred source of reference material for students, teachers and researchers alike. It is no surprise that no change in exam pattern surprises us and IAS COACHING CENTRES across india choose us as preferred IAS STUDY MATERIAL source & IAS TEST SERIES providers & outsource this activity to us.




Every year, exam carries its share of surprises leading to confusion & helplessness but with our regularly updated IAS TEST SERIES 2019 & 2020 for Preliminary & Mains aspirants can remain assured that we will remain ahead of the curve and will be able to negotiate the hurdles successfully. Since the level of difficulty shifts, we are ready with the appropriate solutions.

Every 1 out of 3 has cleared PRELIMS (previous and current format). For most students and teaching fraternity, our study materials for civil service are sheet anchor on which to base their entire preparation.

How we make sure we remain ahead of the curve

Be it CIVIL SERVICE PRELIMS OR MAINS EXAM TESTS THE AWARENESS OF THE CANDIDATES In TERMS OF ISSUES AFFECTING SOCIETY LOCALLY OR INTERNATIONALLY and their ability to trace their path from past to present. At times UPSC tests the ability of the aspirants to understand forces that shape changes & aspirations. To overcome the above we collect information from widest range of sources as current affairs ( govt publication , international news, national news - Frontline, The hindu, Indian Express, etc.) and round the year test series to keep aspirants abreast of the happenings around.

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