Sugarcane & sugar production 2023

India, Indian states and the world

sugar production 2023 india

In 2023, india with a total sugar production of 34.5 million tones is the top sugar producer globally.

The world's top producer, user, and second-largest exporter of sugar is now India.

The top 5 global sugar producers in 2023 are :

  1. India – 34.3 MT
    2. Brazil – 27.7 MT
    3. Thailand – 14.9 MT
    4. China – 11.8 MT
    5. United States – 7.4 MT

#### To be noted that this was an abnormally bad season for Brazilian sugar industry, which is otherwise top global producer during the last decade.

sugar production 2023 india

A comparison among top 2 sugar and sugarcane producing states in india:

  • UP overtakes Maharashtra in sugar production -The total sugar produced by Uttar Pradesh in sugar season 2022-2023 is 10.7 million tones, as compared to 10.5 million tonnes by Maharashtra.
  • UP has double the area under sugarcane cultivation & production than maharashtra - The area under cane cultivation in Uttar Pradesh is 28.53 lakh hectare (maximum in India) as compared to 14.87 lakh hectare in Maharashtra."

The sugarcane production in UP has been 2,348 lakh tonnes, while in Maharashtra it was 1,413 lakh tonnes,"

  • UP contributes largest to ethanol production - The UP minister also informed that 19.84 lakh tonnes of sugar was diverted to ethanol in Uttar Pradesh, while in Maharashtra, it was 15.70 lakh tonnes.
  • Maharashtra has largest number of sugar mills - as compared to 246 installed sugar mills in Maharashtra, there are 157 installed sugar mills in UP.

#### To be noted that DUE TO WEATHER ISSues Maharashtra which is otherwise top sugar producer was pipped by uttar Pradesh.

Govt control over sugar industry

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 3 of the essential Commodities Act, 1955 government has passed the The Sugar Control Order, 1966,

Which declares the following,

  1. Power to regulate production of sugar
  2. Power to restrict sale, etc. of sugar by producers.
  3. Power to issue directions to producers and dealers
  4. Sugar attached by Government officers etc. not to be sold without direction
  5. Power to regulate movement of sugar
  6. Power to regulate quality of sugar


Biggest problem of sugar industry in india – since sales and exports are controlled by government, sugar companies sometimes face difficulty in paying off to farmers in time.

Sugarcane climate, soil & duration

Climate – sugarcane can grow in well drained soils between 350 N  & 350   S & also in the sub tropics. It can grow at heights upto 1000 metres from sea level. The crop is a long duration crop normally extending from a minimum 10 months and extending upto 18 months. It is highly preferred by farmers because of less risk from disese and natural calamities.

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