Wheat economic importance and Exports

WHEAT production & trade

Wheat Production:

In absence of Ukraine wheat in world market in 2022 because of Russia-Ukraine war & heat wave induced reduced output in india, world food prices spiked by almost 30%, this underlines indias importance in world food market  & realisation that india's large population cannot depend on the world market to supplement its food deficit, as surplus & tradable wheat market is too small. added to the above problem is the fact that china is already a food deficit nation. Global warming induced weather conditions can affect production widely & there is no way a country as big as india can look for imports as a reliable solution.


Which is the biggest wheat producing state in india?

Uttar Pradesh is the largest wheat producing state in india (33 million tonnes) by virtue of having the largest area having almost 10 million hectares under wheat production, though productivity is lower than Punjab & Haryana & surplus is also low as it contributes less to FCI stocks.


Which state has highest wheat productivity?

Punjab has the highest productivity of wheat ranging between 5000 to 5500 kg per hectare, it also contributes more to FCI procurement.

state Area (million hectares) Total production (million tonnes) Productivity(per hectare)
Uttar pradesh 9.85 34 3400 - 3900 kg
Madhya pradesh 6.55 22.4 3300 kg
punjab 3.52 14.8 5000 – 5500 kg
Haryana 2.53 10.5 4700 kg



Which state in india has highest wheat surplus?

FCI’s wheat procurement during the current rabi marketing season (RMS) is 18.794 million tonnes (lt) against 43.344 last year.

  • Punjab, Haryana & madhaya Pradesh contribute more than 80& to food corporation of india purchases(FCI ) every year.
  • FCI purchases are used to provide for public distribution system(PDS).

wheat exports

In different years india normally exports between 2-5 million tonnes of wheat. in 2022, governmeny banned wheat exports due to less than expected production.

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