Sector wise share in indian GDP since 1947

Sector wise share in GDP upsc

Sectoral share in GDP india 1947-2023

Sector wise share in GDP(Data – December – 2023)

Share of primary (comprising agriculture, forestry, fishing, and mining & quarrying), secondary (comprising manufacturing, electricity, gas, water supply & other utility services, and construction), and tertiary (services) sectors have been estimated as 20.78 percent, 25.89 percent, and 53.33 percent.

At previous methodology, the composition of Agriculture & allied, Industry, and Services sector was 51.81%, 14.16%, and 33.25%, respectively at current prices in 1950-51.

Sector-wise share of GDP
Years Primary Secondary Tertiary
1951  51.81% 14.16% 33.25%
2013-14  18.20% 24.77% 57.03%
2017  15.04% 23% ’61.5%
Dec-2023 18.42% 28.25% 53.33%
Global average 6.4% 30% 63%

Sector wise GDP contribution - transition from poor to middle income to rich country

Transition of economies from poor to rich;

As countries transition from poor to middle income to rich, the sector wise transition of jobs takes place from primary to secondary to tertiary, not only to increase incomes but to become more efficient in use of resources.


  • Poor countries have less capital intensive processes of production and hence tend to become less technology intensive.
  • As capital becomes available, machines replace human labour making productivity rise. Rich countries have less proportion of people working in agriculture.
  • Manufacturing and services by being capital intensive contribute more to GDP even if less people are engaged in these activities. e.g. Mechanised farming is more capital intensive but also gives returns, but jobs created are less.
  • Capital employed per person is more in services followed by manufacturing and primary sector. eg. per person capital deployment is among highest in banking.



Countries with large amount of mineral wealth sometimes achieve per capita incomes almost equal to that of developed countries but this may not be sustainable in long run. Example: oil rich middle east companies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE.


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