Rice consumption & Exports



Which is the biggest rice producing state in india?

West Bengal produces more than 15 million tonnes of rice accounting for more than 14% of total rice production in india.

Which state has highest rice productivity?

state Area

(million hectares)

Total production

(million tonnes)


(per hectare)

West bengal 5.5 16.8 2800 kg
Uttar pradesh 5.9 15.3 2295 kg
Andhra pradesh 3.8 13.5 2700 kg
Punjab 12.8


Which state/s in india have highest rice surplus?

Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh and Odisha are surplus states in terms of rice procurement vis-à-vis their own consumption, share of Punjab & Haryana used to contribute 90% to FCI frice purchases 10 years back but the share has come wn to around 705.




India accounts for 40% of global rice trade in the region of 19-22 million tonnes, which is cheaper by almost 30% from the rest of the exporting countries.

In 2022, Indian food production fell due to early onset of summer, leading to Indian government imposing duty on exports, which Indian food prices in global food market.

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