Maldives vs lakshadeep

lakshadweep as an alternative

Maldives vs lakshadweep - Facts vs hype

Maldives vs lakshadeep

With change in govt. in Maldives, on an out india campaign & Indian prime ministers visit to Lakshadweep showcasing its tourism potential via photographs shared on social media & subsequent belittling of these efforts by Maldivian deputy ministers has thrust this issue in focus. Many Indian tourists cancelled their planned visits, many are asking govt. to invest in Lakshadweep to create a competitor to maldive. Amidst this cacophony, the moot question is, whether LAKSHADWEEP has the natural advantages to compete with maldive.


Maldives – an small independent island country located in north central Indian ocean is 400-600 Kilometres away from Indian and Sri lankan mainland.

  • It achieved independence from Britain in 1976.
  • Its area is around 298square kilometers.
  • Maldive Islands are a series of coral atolls built up from the crowns of a submerged ancient volcanic mountain range.
  • All the islands are low-lying, none rising to more than 6 feet (1.8 Metres) above sea level.
  • Barrier reefs protect the islands from the destructive effects of monsoons.
  • Tourism has become the mainstay with around 25% GDP & 60% foreign exchange earnings.
  • At current rate of rising sea levels, it may get submerged latest by year 2100.


Lakshadweep –

  • Area – 32 square km
  • Height – 4-12 feet above sea level
  • Ecology highly fragile -The main components of this marine ecosystem are the coral reefs, lagoons, seagrasses, seaweeds, algae and mangroves. Fishes, tunas, live-bait, octopuses, mollusks, sponges, echinoderms, whales and dolphins inhabit these delicate ecosystems in Lakshadweep.


Comparison – Vs Maldive

Geography – similar coral beaches, sand, vegetation

Infrastructure – needs developing but fragile ecosystem will not permit.

Visitors – it cannot support more than 50,000 visitors a year, as against more than 17 lakhs for Maldives in 2023.

Advantage over maldives – nearer to mainland to have cheap imports

Airport development not possible - Velana International Airport in Male(capital of Maldives) boasts a 4.2-kilometre runway, which can easily see widebody aircrafts land from all over the world. while, the Agatti airstrip in Lakshadweep is 1.5 kilometres, restricting landings and takeoffs only for turboprops. Airport expansion plans have had to be put on hold in Agatti because that development would come at the steep price of destroying a turtle habitat.


Conclusion - The resorts whenever they come up will, need to cater only to the ultra-luxury segment to keep the crowds away.

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