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Meat egg production India & World:

Global meat production has increased 300% to 340 million tons in 2020.

  • On average, every person on Earth currently consumes around 45 kilograms of meat per year.
  • In 2013, US citizens consumed 115 kilograms of meat and people in the UK 81 kilograms, while citizens in India only ate 3.7 kilos.
  • In general, men eat more meat than women.
  • In the EU, meat consumption has stagnated recently, with a growing number of people switching to vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • Moreover, beef has lost in popularity while the consumption of chicken has increased remarkably.
  • The favourite meat of Europeans is pork. The Chinese also share this appetite for pork.
  • Since 1965, per capita meat consumption in China has increased six-fold. Since the population almost doubled to 1.4 billion people over the same period, global demand for meat and animal feed has exploded.

Nearly 60% of the world’s agricultural land is used for beef production, yet beef accounts for less than 2% of the calories that are consumed throughout the world. Beef makes up 24% of the world's meat consumption, yet requires 30 million square kilometres of land to produce. In contrast, poultry accounts for 34% of global meat consumption and pork accounts for 40%. Poultry and pork production each use less than two million square kilometres of land.

The production of one kilogram of beef requires 15,414 litres of water on average. The water footprint of meat from sheep and goat (8,763 litres) is larger than that of pork (5,988 litres) or chicken (4,325 litres). The production of one kilogram of vegetables, on the contrary, requires 322 litres of water.


  • Goat constitute 27.80% of livestock population in India
  • Sheep population is around 13.87% of livestock population in India

Egg production

  1. In 2021-22, the total egg production in the country is 129.60 billion,which has increased by 6.19% as compared to previous year.
  2. Five major egg producing States -Total five major egg producing States are Andhra Pradesh (20.41%), Tamil Nadu (16.08%), Telangana (12.86%), West Bengal (8.84%) and Karnataka (6.38%).
  • In 2021-22, the per-capita availability of egg is 95 /annumincreased by 5 /annum over previous year.


Meat production

  • The total meat production in the country is 29 million tonnesfor the year 2021-22 with an annual growth rate of 5.62%.
  • The total five major meat producing States are Maharashtra (12.25%), Uttar Pradesh (12.14%), West Bengal (11.63%), Andhra Pradesh (11.04%), and Telangana (10.82%).
  • The per-capita availability of meat is 82 kg/annum during 2021-22 increased by 0.30 kg/annum over previous year.

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