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what is one china policy?


One china principle refers to,

  1. The assertion of mainland china government or people’s republic of china(PRC), that there is only one china & Taiwan known as republic of china(ROC), cannot & should not be represented independently at international forums.
  2. The acceptance of United states that people’s republic of china(PRC) is the sole representative of chinese people but it still maintain diplomatic & commercial relations with Taiwan known as republic of china(ROC).
  3. One china principle also refers to the 1992 Consensus when the ROC's then-governing political party Kuomintang (KMT) that both the PRC and ROC had agreed that there is one "China", but disagreed on whether "China" is represented by the PRC or ROC at international forums.
  4. People’s republic of china(PRC) or mainland china maintains that Taiwan known as republic of china(ROC), has to eventually merge with china, which the other side agrees but not by force.
  5. Various referendums in Taiwan known as republic of china(ROC), have backed status quo which makes mainland china aggressive and restless, indicating use of Force as an option.

one china policy taiwan strait
one china policy taiwan strait

Reason behind conflict between taiwan and china regarding one china policy


Post world war, in 1945 china joined United Nations with nationalist government of Kuomintang Party at the helm, but later in power struggle between Communists led by Mao-Tse-Tung & Kuomintang led by Sun-yat-sen, communists won but the UN membership remained with Kuomintang led by Sun-yat-sen, who had been pushed out of mainland china to an island named Formosa, which is now china.

Initially Taiwan was too inconsequential to deserve attention of poverty ridden, geopolitically isolated communist china but over the years fast economic progress particularly in cutting edge technology, particularly semi conductors, etc. has made it important in global scheme of things, where USA wants it remain autonomous & china wants it to merge as soon as possible & under its own democratic system, a little more than 50% people favour the current status quo.


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