Indian Constitution

Genesis and Basis of indian constitution

Need for a constitution


By quirk of fate of an unfathomable destiny, the ancient land that we call Bharat stood at cross section of history in the decade of 40's in the 20th century. British saw clearly the end of their 200 years of their sojourn, after the second world war they were in extreme haste to transfer the power - but the question was to whom.

This question arose out of two reasons,

  1. when they came to india was a fragmented polity, so they did not take control from a single principaity and a kingdom, therefore the question whom to transfer power.
  2. Indian national congress was the biggest political party but there were other claimants to political representation of this widely spread country, therefore the need of an election.
  3. British directly ruled only 2/3rds of india, rest was ruled by princely states, what would be their political future, many of them fancied independent statehood.

Need for a constituent assembly


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