History of Bastille day

India france relations

History of Bastille day

The 14th of July is the day of the national French celebration.

  • Established in 1880, this date commemorates both the storming of the Bastille on the 14th July 1789, which ended absolute rule, and the Festival of the Federation of the 14th July 1790.
  • The Bastille, or to be exact, Bastille Saint-Antoine, was both a prison and a symbol of the absolute and arbitrary power of the Old Regime of Louis XVI.
  • On the 14th July 1789, rioters launched an attack on the fortress. Even though there were only seven prisoners inside, this is recorded as the first large-scale intervention by the French people.
  • From then on, the King’s power was no longer absolute.
  • This event is considered to be the symbol of the battle against oppression for all French citizens. The three ideas of the Republic represented on the tricoloured flag all became meaningful : Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.

India- French Relations

India-France relations: An overview

Trade and commerce between the two nations have flourished, with France emerging as a key trading partner for India. The annual trade volume reached $12.42 billion in 2021-22, and France stands as the 11th largest foreign investor in India, with a cumulative investment of $10.31 billion over the past two decades.

In the realm of defense, France has emerged as a reliable partner for India, becoming the second-largest defense supplier between 2017 and 2021. Crucial defense deals, such as the induction of French Scorpene submarines and the procurement of 36 Rafale fighter jets highlight the depth of their defense cooperation. Joint military exercises and dialogues, including Varuna, Garuda, and Shakti, further strengthen these ties.

International Solar Alliance  -  India’s commitment to combating climate change aligns with France’s goals, as demonstrated by their joint efforts under the Paris Agreement and the establishment of the International Solar Alliance in 2015.

As resident powers of the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific, India and France have forged a Joint Strategic Vision for Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region. Joint patrolling in the Indian Ocean and the establishment of the Indo-Pacific Trilateral Development Cooperation Fund showcase their commitment to strengthening ties in the region. The trilateral grouping with the United Arab Emirates aims to ensure security from the east coast of Africa to the Pacific.

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