Five Eyes Alliance

role and objective

what is five eyes alliance?

Five Eyes (FVEY) is a loose intelligence alliance of 5 countries western countries Canada, U.K., USA, Australia and new zealand. Japan seems to have joined the alliance later.

The alliance originated during the 2nd world war & continued into the cold war.

As far as it origin is concerned ATLANTIC CHARTER of 1941 & Winston churchills iron curtain speech are also sometimes referred to as the points of origin.

Brusha agreement between UK & USA IN 1943 is also referred to as the starting point.

ECHELON was another intelligence gathering network that originated in 1960’s – during the cold war.

It is sometimes alleged by critics that these agencies gathering intelligence, have become supra national(Not answerable to anyone.)

five eyes


Five Eyes has at different times carried out intelligence gathering regarding weapon trade, drug trade, terrorist network, etc.


India's global diplomatic presence?

Types of diplomatic missions;

A country may have several different types of diplomatic missions in another country.

A diplomatic mission located in the capital city of another country which generally offer a full range of services, including consular services.

High Commission
An embassy of a Commonwealth country located in another Commonwealth country.

Permanent Mission
A diplomatic mission to a major international organization.

Consulate General
A diplomatic mission located in a major city, other than the capital city, which provides a full range of services, including consular services.

A diplomatic mission that is similar to a consulate general, but which does not provide a full range of services.

Consulate Headed by Honorary Consul
A diplomatic mission headed by an Honorary Consul which provides only a limited range of services.


As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Indian diplomatic missions in the capitals of other Commonwealth members are known as High Commissions. In all other countries they are referred as  EMBASSY.

India has 202 missions and posts operating globally.

Over the years india has closed its missions in,

  1. Afghanistan – Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-sharif & kandahar
  2. Somalia – Mogadishu
  3. Chaina – Lhasa
  4. North korea – pyong yang
  5. Pakistan – Karachi
  6. Yemen – sanaa


India’s closed missions abroad.

  1. Kosovo
  2. Somaliland
  3. Taiwan
  4. South Ossetia
  5. Abkhazia
  6. Sahrawi republic

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