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The Best Ways to Prepare For UPSC Current Affairs

Are you a UPSC aspirant and looking forward to having a great preparation for current affairs? If yes, then stay ahead with the tips we will discuss later in this article. The UPSC exam has a great emphasis on current affairs. This is because it helps to assess the knowledge of the aspirants about the recent happenings around the world. By mastering current affairs, an aspirant can surely increase his or her chances of success.

In this blog, we will cover all the strategies you must follow to ensure success. In addition, we will also go through the significance of taking notes, arranging the resources, and revising daily. All these. All of these can help you to keep yourself in the loop. So let us find out the most prominent techniques that can offer you the edge in this competition. Contact any reputable UPSC coaching in Kolkata to get the right guidance.

Reading Newspaper

The very first way to keep yourself updated with current affairs is to read any decent newspaper daily. Newspapers are a comprehensive source of national and international events. Following any one or two newspapers can help you cover almost 90% of the UPSC’s current affairs. This makes newspapers a valuable resource for studying the UPSC’s current affairs.

While reading the newspaper, concentrate on the editorials, articles and opinion passages which can offer an in-depth understanding and diverse viewpoints on key events. You can follow newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, and The Economic Times are some newspapers which can benefit you in preparing for UPSC current affairs. While reading newspapers, font forgets to take notes and emphasise crucial points. This can help you later in your revision.

Follow Online News & Blogs

Apart from reading newspapers, following online news sources and blogs can also be beneficial for UPSC’s current affairs. These platforms can offer a wealth of information on the UPSC’s current affairs which mainstream media channels do not cover precisely. However while selecting online news portals, it is crucial to assess their reliability and credibility.

Always select sources that are famous for well-written articles and precise reporting. Sources like BBC News, The Print, and The Wire can help you a lot to gain unique insight into the UPSC’s current affairs. While following any online news portal, always subscribe to their newsletters or follow them on social media. This can make sure that you get regular updates about all the latest news and developments.

Take Part in Debates & Group Discussions

The next noteworthy strategy to stay ahead in the UPSC current affairs is to take part in debates and group discussions. Group discussions help aspirants to exchange thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. By taking part in these discussions regularly, aspirants can refine their understandings, grow powerful arguments and learn new viewpoints.

To take part in group discussions, always choose different online study forums that are dedicated to the UPSC preparation. These platforms include candidates from diverse backgrounds and offer a productive atmosphere for intellectual discussions. During the debates, try to listen to the different candidates actively as much as you can. You need to respect other’s opinion opinions and then back your saying with the right evidence and facts.

Create A Study Schedule

When it is a matter of mastering the UPSC’s current affairs, it is very important to develop a structured study plan. An aspirant must offer decent time to this subject if he or she wants to score well in the UPSC exam. An aspirant must treat current affairs as a separate vital subject like history, geography or polity.

One must allot specific time for current affairs in the daily study schedule. It can be early morning, afternoon or late night as per your choice. Remember consistency is the key to success. Hence it is crucial to stick to your study routine. Break your entire study schedule into small parts and allot equal time for reading newspapers, following online blogs & portals and participating in group discussions.

Give Mock Tests

Staying updated with all the necessary information about current affairs is not enough. It is crucial to test your knowledge too. Hence, try to give all the necessary mock tests and quizzes. This can help you revise your preparation level and recognise areas that require improvement.

Giving regular mock tests can help you learn time management, and answer the maximum questions within time. You can take part in both offline and online debates, quizzes, and current affairs discussions to have a better understanding of it. Contact the best IAS coaching in Kolkata to give regular mock tests.


Mastering the UPSC current affairs is necessary to ensure success in this exam. Scoring well in current affairs conveys your capacity to think critically. The strategies we mention in this article can surely help you stay ahead in this game. Contact IAS Vision to learn more about effective IAS coaching in Kolkata.