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The Right Way to Read NCERT Books to Prepare For the UPSC Exam

When it is a matter of preparing for the UPSC exam, no one can deny the significance of NCERT books. Published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, those books are invaluable sources of all the necessary information that might be helpful for the UPSC exam. Reading those books cover to cover may not help in getting the optimal results.

It is crucial to embrace an effective reading approach. But how? Well, this blog post may help you understand the right way to read the NCERT books to prepare for the UPSC exam. Reading this article can help you maximise your preparation endeavours and excel in the exam. You can get the right guidance on this matter in any renowned IAS coaching centre in Kolkata.

Select the Right Books

The very first step of reading NCERT books effectively is to select the right books. Yes, there are a wide range of books available in the market. To choose the most appropriate among them, it is necessary to precisely understand the syllabus. Only then you can select the most relevant books for each subject. This can aid you to align your study efforts with the exam requirements leaving no space for irrelevant readings.

Create A Proper Study Plan

The next noteworthy step of effective reading of the NCERT books is creating a proper study plan. Yes, reading NCERT books need a structured approach. Reading relentlessly may not work, hence it is necessary to divide the entire syllabus into small manageable parts. By creating a practical study plan, one can maintain a steady study speed throughout the year.

● In the first two weeks, analyse the syllabus, select the books and create a study plan.
● In the 3rd to 8th weeks, start subject-wise study. Read all the 6-12 NCERT books, grow concepts and note down all the necessary information.
● The 9th to 12th weeks is the time for revision. Start solving the mock test papers, previous years’ questions and NCERT exemplar problems.
● In the next 3 weeks, concentrate on additional reference books, current affairs and revision.
● In the last few weeks before an exam, focus on the weaker areas, solve complete mock test papers and revise everything you read.

Realise the Book Format

For reading the NCERT books, it is crucial to understand the specific format of those books. Before you start reading the books, examine the book pattern. Take notes of the major points like chapter summaries, diagrams, and exercises. This will help you take the full benefits of the available resources. While reading the books, try to follow active reading techniques as it can notably increase your retention capacity and comprehension.

Go For Additional References

Though NCERT books form the base of your preparation, following some additional resources can help you a lot. Supplementary notes, reference books, and online study materials can help you get a better insight into the subject. You can contact the best IAS coaching in Kolkata to get effective study materials. For subjects like current affairs, follow any reputable newspaper. It is also necessary to assess the relevance of the NCERT book’s content in today’s context. This can help you answer the questions with a contemporary outlook.


So, these are some quick steps to follow while reading NCERT books. Along with these steps, it is necessary to revise everything you read and give regular mock tests. Remember practice is The key to any success as it makes your effort flawless. So, maintain a positive study atmosphere at your home and begin implementing the ways we mentioned above. Reading NCERT books is vital as they unlock the chances of your success in the exam.

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